The Chagrin Falls Legends Club was started in late 2019 with the primary mission of allowing its members to stay engaged with the Chagrin Falls school system either while their children are still in the school district or after they have graduated and to contribute to the school system in a meaningful way.

The founders of the legends club realized that after your youngest child graduates you tend to lose touch with what is happening in the schools. They also realized that at this time in people’s lives they still have so much more to give to the schools and community both in terms of historical knowledge and financial resources.

Legends Club

Dads' Club

Founded in the fall of 1996, the Chagrin Falls Dads’ Club (CFDC) has two primary goals: to improve the educational, recreational, and social opportunities available to the children of the Chagrin Falls School District, and to promote good fellowship and a sense of community among all who participate in the organization and its events.

The Chagrin Falls Dads’ Club believes one of the most important parts of our schools is the culture.  Culture provides motivation and energy to our students, teachers, staff, and administrators.  We believe it is our job to amplify this energy through our actions.  The events, projects, and grants we support provide an additional source of energy to the school that is vital to its continued success.  Help us continue this support by becoming a member.  

The purpose of the Chagrin Falls PTO is to promote the education and welfare of children by supporting educational objectives of the district, provide educational enrichment through fundraising, help administrators and teachers enhance curriculum through use of parent volunteers, provide information about community programs to help educate membership, communicate to membership and the community ways to participate and become involved in the schools, PTO programs, educational issues, teacher recognition and PTO funding, while addressing the needs and concerns of the membership.


Parent Teacher Organization

Booster Club

The Booster Club helps students of all ages-in the classroom, on the stage and on the playing field by providing funding for programming needs outside the regular school budget. Boosters seeks to increase attendance at school events and build a spirit of cooperation between the school, the students, the parents and the citizens of Chagrin Falls.

The purpose of Chagrin Falls Music Lovers is to promote and support the music education and performing arts programs of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School System by supporting teachers and servicing students from Kindergarten through the 12th grade.  

Music Lovers

Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation advances the district’s goal of providing a comprehensive range of learning opportunities to students by supporting educational programs and experiences that enrich the opportunities available to the students attending and the faculty of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District.

There is also a high school Student Philanthropic Board which is a non-profit student run organization operating under the auspices of the CFEF adult board. Its mission is to educate the students serving on the CFEF Student Board about the importance of philanthropy; give the students a firsthand experience of grant making, the philanthropic process and communal decision making; prepare the students for leadership roles they may have in the future; and empower the students to know they can make a difference.

Tiger Prep supports Chagrin Falls students who have or are eligible for an IEP or 504 plan. Through collaboration between parents, educators, administrators and community partners, we advocate for the unique needs of our students, while encouraging an inclusive Chagrin Falls Schools environment.

Tiger Prep

Alumni Association

Our goal is to promote and support the general welfare of the Chagrin Falls Schools and to direct and coordinate alumni affairs by serving as a communication link between alumni and the school district.